Jim Mosquera


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Rebellium: A realistic thriller, alarmingly true to our times. The 2nd book in the Chandler Scott series.
The President of the United States issued a shocking Executive Order to freeze the 2020 election. The nation is pushing back in unprecedented ways. Journalist Chandler Scott, after being fired as an international TV reporter, is approached by an old friend to navigate the dangerous world of secessionists and patriot groups.
He encounters a mysterious cyber character sowing chaos. A government whistleblower leads Chandler to a chilling discovery of a sinister operation that will shock the nation.
In a fast-paced thriller, Chandler Scott continues his quest for the dream story. But his mentors may not be able to save him. Will he sacrifice his career, his love, and his life?
Fans of Tom Clancy, Stieg Larsson, The Black Mirror, and The Man in the High Castle will love the Chandler Scott series. As the USA faces tumultuous social, political, and economic challenges, readers will connect with the alarmingly realistic plight of Chandler’s world.
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