Elizabeth Carter

Bedtime stories for kids ages 2-6

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Do you wish to help your child fall asleep with the most adventurous and relaxing stories?
Would you like to feel more comfortable as a parent knowing your kids are sleeping better, learning, and enjoying at the same time?

This is the Right Audiobook for You!

Inside the audiobook Bedtime Stories for kids ages 2-6 you’ll discover a wide range of fun tales and adventures featuring compelling characters, fantastical locations, and important moral lessons.

These stories have different characters and lessons that everyone will love!
Ideal for ages two to six; now your child can listen along as the narrator takes them on a journey into a rejuvenating, natural sleep.
Children learn the power of their imagination, which helps them become independent readers later on with books that don’t have pictures because their imaginations are developed enough to draw them in.

This audiobook includes stories as:
·        Dylan and His Magic Picture Book
·        The Forest House
·        The Five-star Kitchen
·        The Costume Shop
·        Timothy and the Song of the Fingers
·        We’re Going on an Expedition!

And many more!
This collection of classic fairy tales, animal stories, and fantastic tales teach important lessons about life and relationships and help children improve their imagination!
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