Audrey Ashwood

The Duke of the Moors

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A woman on the brink of ruin.
A darkly handsome duke.
Will his secret be her downfall?

Yorkshire Moors, Regency England. Miss Catherine Conolly is surprised to receive an invitation to visit her wealthy but estranged uncle, the Viscount of Wharton, who hasn’t spoken to her in years.
Traveling by moonlight to the Viscount’s remote home on the Yorkshire Moors, Catherine and her mother are attacked by a dark, masked highwayman and his band of thieves. With nothing to give, they manage to arrive unharmed where they’re met by the Viscount’s assurance of revenge.
In the meantime, he insists that his niece try to capture the heart of the Duke of Rotherham, whose good looks belie his gloomy past. But as daunted as Catherine is by the duke, something about him seems oddly familiar – his stature, the shine in his eyes, the roughness in his voice.
Is it possible that the duke is the very same criminal who attacked her and her mother?
Just when she decides the idea is utterly ridiculous, the highwaymen strike again, and all clues point to the duke.
Trapped between her family’s pressure to marry him and the call of her heart, Catherine commits herself to sorting fanciful fiction from frightening fact.
Will she find love, or will the duke’s dark past be her undoing?

The Duke of the Moors is a sweet historical romance with a dash of suspense. If you like strong heroes, romantic moments, and surprising fortunes, then this delightful love story will keep you listening deep into the night. No cliffhanger. Can be read as single book.
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