Justine Avery

This Book Is Alive!

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"Capture the allure of life and reading for beginning bookworms ... Highly recommended."
—Midwest Book Review
Of course all books are alive. Why would you ever think otherwise?
And this book would be honored to be invited into your home, be grateful for your hospitality, and truly treasure your companionship.
After all, the one thing all books have in common (besides being alive) is that they want to be opened, read, considered—all the better if they’re also loved, respected, or even recommended.
And if this book manages to brighten your day, make you smile, or remind you how great it is just to be alive—and reading—well then, you might become this book’s most favorite reader of all.
"The dual messages in this book, about the liveliness of the written word and the joy of life itself, impart a rare feeling and opportunity for read-aloud parents to discuss the nature of books and ideas with the very young." (D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review)
"One of those books which might go viral in your school. Unique and life-affirming, this is a great book to read with children and look at with a class of 5-8 years olds, and to use as an inspiration for writing with 7-9 years olds." (The School Reading List)
"A celebration of all the wonderful possibilities of being a book, and being alive ... A delightful and empowering picture book to cherish." (Readers' Favorite)
"The message here is simple: A book can be anything, just like you ... A gem of a book and a perfect gift." (Wishing Shelf Book Review)
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