Judith Guise

Wicca for Beginners

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Wicca For Beginners is your comprehensive guide towards understanding the real basics of what the Wiccan path is about. Full of historical knowledge and important figures like Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, and Aleister Crowley, Wicca For Beginners will take you onto an intellectual journey andeducate you on the true basics, laws, and honor code that is barely touched on.
Sure you can buy someone’s book about magic, but Wicca For Beginners is a true guide that will stay with you throughout the tests of time. It stays away from typical mainstays like how to cast spells and telling you what tools you need to have and instead focuses on your need to know the real basics behind spellcasting in general, how you can use tools that are specifically important to you, and how to communicate with the deities you are connected to.
While reading this book you’ll be able to understand:
The dark history behind paganism.
Understand basic definitions like Wicca, Coven, Pagan, and Neopagan.
Understand there are different styles to perform rituals and ceremonies.
Understand that each coven has a different aspect of worship.
Know that it’s okay if you want to be a solitary witch.
Read on rumors that researchers like Margaret Murray or occultists like Eliphas Levi concluded and what occurred after.
Separate the Aleister Crowley the occultist from the Aleister Crowley the fictional character.
Give yourself the ability to compare and contrast past ardanes from the founding Gardnerian era to the more modern ardanes today.
And five basic spells to help you in your everyday life.
Reveal the ancient and cultural significance behind the Pentagram.
Understand who the Goddess and God really are, what they represent, and how they can help you as a beginner starting their Wiccan path.
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