Albert Bigelow Paine

The Lucky Piece

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The Lucky Piece: A Story of the North Woods is a collection of adventurous and romantic stories by Albert Bigelow Paine. The tales in this prodigious work of escapist writing revolve around the lucky piece that a young man once used as payment for a hatful of berries sold to him by a girl one summer evening... Love stories, all kinds of relationships and beautiful mountain life make for a rich creative tapestry. Contents: But Paladins Ride Far Between, Out In the Blowy Wet Weather, The Deep Woods of Enchantment, A Brief Lecture and Some Introductions, A Flower on a Mountain Top, In the Devil's Garden, The Path That Leads Back to Boyhood, What Came Out of the Mist, A Shelter in the Forest, The Hermit's Story, During the Absence of Constance, Constance Returns and Hears a Story, What the Small Woman in Black Saw, What Miss Carroway Did, Edith and Frank, The Lucky Piece – Epilogue.
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