Herbert George Jenkins

Malcolm Sage, Detective

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Malcolm Sage, detective is a novel by Herbert George Jenkins. Excerpt from the book: "What are you going to do for Mr. Sage, now that Department Z is being demobbed? You know you like him, because you didn't want to ginger him up, and you mustn't forget that he saved your life," she added. "Sure!" "Don't say 'sure,' John," she cried. "You're a British baronet, and British baronets don't say 'sure,' 'shucks' or 'vamoose.' Do you understand?" He nodded thoughtfully. "I like Mr. Sage," announced Dorothy. Then a moment later she added, "He always reminds me of the superintendent of a Sunday-school, with his conical bald head and gold spectacles. He's not a bit like a detective, is he?" "I like his wonderful hands, too," she continued. "I'm sure he's proud of them, because he can never keep them still" "Then again I like him because he's always courteous and kind. At Department Z they'd have had their appendixes out if Mr. Sage wanted them." Artist Bio Author: Herbert George Jenkins (1876-1923) was a British writer and the owner of the publishing company. His most popular fictional creation was Mr. Joseph Bindle.
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