Jolie Day

Charming my Broody Billionaire Boss

He’s the devil himself:
Damon Copeland (he practically carries a pitchfork).
Fiery-hot and a killer smile (if he ever smiled).
He’s also the top dog at my father’s company,
And my two older brothers’ best friend.
Oh, and someone I accidentally slept with.
In my defense, that was before I knew who he was—
And before he hired me.
Now, my one-night stand has turned into my boss.

What’s worse, he’s Mr. Bosshole Superior: brutish, broody, and impatient.
And he’s completely immune to my charms.
He’s also 6’4”.
With a perfect jawline.

After a few teeny-tiny collisions, I’m pretty sure he hates me.
But it’s not as if I planned to run smack-dab into his wall of hard muscle. (Twice.)
And it’s not my fault we ended up in one room on the company trip.
(With just one bed.)
And it’s definitely not my fault my heart stopped—almost completely—
when he showed me the tender, generous, and compassionate man he really is.

None of this will break my resolve.
The girl who resists her irresistible boss? That’s me.
I will not fall for impossible, controlling Damon Copeland.

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Jolie Day, comes a new hot romantic comedy. It stands alone. Come see what happens when the broody alpha man and the quirky girl collide. Literally.
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