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Commercial Property Made Easy: The 9-Step Investment Formula

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“Are You Keen to Succeed with Commercial Property?”
Because you'll discover this Book will provide you with an unfair advantage.
As an Amazon Best-Selling author responsible now for 7 books on Commercial Property Investing, this latest audio version is the culmination of over 45 years of buying and selling Commercial property – both for myself and clients.
A Brief Background ...
The previous 6 books have been all about the “WHAT", as far as Commercial Property is concerned. Whereas, this one is intended to help you with HOW to actually become successful yourself.
Why not follow in the footsteps of 3 first-time investors? And discover the easy-to-follow Formula for Commercial Property investment – which has been condensed down into 9 simple Steps.
STEP 1: How to Filter Your Properties
STEP 2: The Final Judgement
STEP 3: How to Sleep Soundly
STEP 4: Negotiating The Best Deal
STEP 5: How to Validate Your Purchase
STEP 6: How to Lock-in Your Loan Terms
STEP 7: How to Set Up Your Tax Benefits
STEP 8: How to Add Value
STEP 9: Taking Your Profit ... “Stealth Marketing”
You’ll find this Book distils everything down into a simple hands-on, use-tomorrow Formula – which anyone can use to place themselves on the path to success.
You see, Commercial property is not overly complicated – contrary to what many industry professionals would like to have you believe. All you need to do is understand the Rules of the Game. And then, just learn how to use them to your own advantage.
The book also contains ... two Case Study, where you get to see the final results for clients – ensuring they left nothing on the table when implementing the final "Stealth Marketing" Step 9.
And if you find you do need some help along the way, my personal contact details are also included there for you.
Here's to happy investing.
Best wishes ... Chris Lang
CEO – Commercial Property Made Easy
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