Wilona Clem

Dirty Talk, Drive them CRAZY with Pleasure

Do you want to trigger toe-curling pleasure with a simple phrase? Or elicit a body-trembling gasp with a not-so-innocent question? Then you need to keep reading…
Every sex expert will tell you this: to truly become a master of the bedroom, you must harness the power of dirty talk. Studies have shown that talking during foreplay and intercourse leads to higher sexual satisfaction.
In How to Talk Dirty, you'll discover:
The surprising reasons why you're bad at dirty talk and how to overcome them RIGHT NOW. (Break down unseen barriers and immediately feel more comfortable letting your dirty-talking prowess shine!)How to project powerful sexual confidence that others find irresistible.Naughty but highly effective advice from phone-sex professionals.Ten steamy role play ideas to turn up the heat on your next lovemaking session.Thirty extremely sexy questions to arouse absolutely anyone.Thirty erotic phrases to INSTANTLY get someone hot and heavy. (Utter tried-and-true phrases that are known to awaken deep sexual desire and take things to the next level!)And much, much more…
Even if you’re a total beginner to dirty talk or you find it extremely embarrassing, the extensive research behind this guide will ensure you relinquish all sexual insecurities, cultivate deeply magnetic sexual appeal, and develop a skin-tingling mastery over highly arousing dirty talk.
If you want to access these advanced tips and finally transition from an innocent beginner into a dirty-talk master or mistress, then you need to listen to this book!

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