Why Tim Peck Built Call9 A Platform That Reinvents The 911 System - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #054

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We're back again with a new episode on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast, but not just any episode. Today marks one of the most exciting milestones in the history of 20 Minute Fitness. We're bringing you the very first episode of 'Why I Built This', a mini series introducing innovations that are revolutionizing the health & fitness industry and of course the master minds behind them.

On our first episode we had the pleasure to sit down with Tim Peck, who left his Chief Resident position at Harvard Medical School and moved to Silicon Valley to build Call9 (, a platform that can reinvent the 911 system. Although most people thought he “lost his sanity” at that time, Tim has proved all of them wrong. Call9 has already delivered life-changing care to over 3,500 patients and this is just the beginning.

Stay with us to hear about Tim's journey and how Call9 is making a massive impact on the Emergency Care system in the US!

Three Things You Will Learn

1) How Call9 Works And Why It Is So Extraordinary
The systems of Emergency Care and Nursing Homes are fundamentally broken. These broken systems don't only result in extreme expenses, but on the most serious end they can also cost lives. Although many might have recognized the issue before, Tim was the very first one, who was brave enough to actually act upon it.
Listen to the interview to learn about the shortcomings of Emergency Care and Nursing Homes and how Call9 provides a solution to overcome them!

2) Tim's Journey From Harvard Medical School To The Silicon Valley And Living In a Nursing Home
Building such a radical innovation takes time and, of course comes with sacrifices. Back in 2015, Tim quit his job, moved to the Silicon Valley and decided to dedicate his life to Call9 and a greater good. Press play to hear about his journey including things, like living in a nursing home for 3 months.

3) The Future of Call9 & The Way Tim Predicts Healthcare To Change
Call9 has already reached amazing milestones and has proven to be a solution to the issues Nursing Homes are facing with Emergency Care patients. But it still has a really long way ahead with amazing potentials. Tune in to hear Tim's vision for Call9's future and also his predictions about the future of healthcare.
Sign the petition here to help Call9 achieve its mission & further revolutionize Emergency Care:!/ />

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