The Visitor Rises

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Is four too many — or not enough?
It's Gina's twenty-first birthday, and she's ready to celebrate with her fabulous boyfriends Jim, Matt, and Sam.

But an unexpected encounter makes Gina rethink many of her assumptions, questioning even the stability of their ménage à quatre.

Follow Gina through a day of surprises, excitement, passion — and proof that, in the end, all you need is love.

(Polyamory, reverse harem — plus, interracial, bisexual FMMM+ romance)
Preview:Barbara raised her glass. “Happy birthday, Gina, bubbeleh.”The others raised their glasses. “Happy birthday.”Fighting down shyness, Gina raised her glass back. “Thanks, y’all.”They all clinked their glasses to hers and drank; it made Gina feel a bit better to see all of them, even Barbara and Michael, react to how yummy the champagne was. Raised eyebrows. Marie and Matt madeOooo! faces. Sam closed his eyes, a look Gina recognized as intense pleasure.As the party all enjoyed the bubbly and began to chat, Gina took a breath and looked around the table. Michael was in his usual office wear — a shirt and tie with a leather jacket — while his wife was in a dark red dress that was only a little less revealing than Marie’s, which showed off the porn star’s stunning, bounteous body spectacularly.Matt, Jim, and Sam were wearing matching tuxes with white bow ties, and looked absolutely delicious.She walked over to them and kissed each. “Lord, boys. Y’all look good enough to eat.”“Can’t wait, cuz,” chuckled Jim.


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The Visitor Rises
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