Jade Lee

What my Sherpa taught me about teams

How can teams work better together?
How do we become more engaged at work?
When did we start straying from a life aligned with our values?
And most importantly, how do we get back there?
In modern workplaces our teams are lacking connection, people are going through the motions to get work done but engagement with the company, the work and their colleagues is absent. Looking through the lens of a Sherpa, discover why our modern workplaces are enabling disconnection, why the holy grail of employee engagement is so elusive, and learn practical techniques to develop connection, collaboration and purpose at work.
Regardless of the talent you gather, unless they support each other, communicate and know where they are going, they will not achieve success. The 'Lessons from a Sherpa' combine life lessons with knowledge of Western workplaces and experience building teams. Entertaining, thought provoking and backed by research, this guide provides tools to build team engagement, improve mental health and initiate change.
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