Dan Lu

The Marketing & Business Growth Playbook

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Are you an action-oriented achiever who wants a powerful, easy-to-follow roadmap to generate more sales and improve your bottom line? Sadly, most entrepreneurs and their companies are performing well below their potential. It’s not due to lack of great products or services—it’s due to poor strategy.
This is not a marketing or business book that’s full of fillers and fluff (like most others). The Marketing & Business Growth Playbook will help you attract your ideal market, optimize your lead and sales process for higher conversions, and effectively scale your business.
In this groundbreaking book, you’ll learn:
How to master your message to attract your perfect, target customers/clientsA variety of growth strategies so you have multiple approaches for scaling your revenueHow to turn your traditional website into a lead and sales-generating machineHow to ethically “spy” on your competitors to gain an advantage in your marketplaceThe 5 groups of people who make up your business and will help you reach your goals fasterAnd much moreThis book will help you gain clarity, reduce overwhelm, save money, and of course, make more money. You’ll unlock more freedom so you can do more of the things you want in both business and in life.
If you’re a passionate, driven entrepreneur who’s looking to improve and grow your company, then this book is a must for creating your ultimate marketing and business strategy so you can impact more people with your products and services, change their lives, and change yours as a result!
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Dan Lu
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