Robert Asprin

Myth-ing Persons

Robert Asprins classic fantasy series, now available in eBook!
With cover and interior illustrations by Phil Foglio!

A Detectives Work ...
Skeeve needs more than magic to solve a matter of Murder and Myth-tery.
Hes in a real pickle this time. His green, scaly partner, Aahz, has disappeared, and it looks like foul play. Finding Aahz ought to be a snap for a talented magician like Skeeve, especially with a sassy apprentice and a dumb-but-brawny bodyguard along for the ride. The trouble is, they're sleuthing in another dimension that makes the Bazaar on Deva look tame!

Disappearing Act!
Banishment from the Bazaar is out! Aahz snarled. Not only would it destroy our reputations, I'm not about to get run out of the Bazaar and our home over something as idiotic as this!
We're going to have to go after them. I sighed.
Half right, Aahz corrected. I'm going to have to go after them. It's too dangerous for someone at your level of magical skill.
My level? How about you?
Experience, he said loftily. I'm used to doing this, and you aren't. End of argument.
'End of argument' nothing! Just how to you propose to leave me behind if I don't agree?
That's easy, Aahz grinned. See who's standing in the corner?
I turned to look where he was pointing, and that's the last thing I remembered for a long time.
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