James Brooke

Another Shot

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Another Shot is a contemporary romantic novella based on the classic story of Ruth and Boaz.
My name is Rae, and this is my story. Regretfully, it begins on a sad note. Everything was taken from me when my husband died in a tragic car accident. The only person on Earth who could have possibly been hurting more than me was my beloved mother-in-law, Laura, who lost her husband and only sons in the same accident.
Laura was forced to leave Arizona and return to New York, and I decided to go with her. I packed my things with no prospects or expectations; all I had was the undeniable urge to remain with her. As a result of becoming a widow at 23, I was in a surreal frame of mind; and making a new start with my mother-in-law seemed like the only logical decision.
Less than two weeks after the accident, we were on our way to New York. I trusted we'd make it somehow, but never imagined someone greater than us already had a plan in place: a plan as romantic as a fairy tale.
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