Chris Díaz

You Have the Power to Change Your Life: Guide to Live Better: Mind

Do you want to improve your mood and don't know how to start?
Are you tired of feeling negative, having bad experiences or problems with anxiety, stress or depression?
Would you like to know some simple concepts to calm your mind?
Or do you simply want to know more about how to be happy?
In "You Have the Power to Change Your Life: A Guide to Live Better: Mind" we have compiled 9 of the most powerful knowledge, habits and tested techniques to educate your mind and learn to master it.
Our mind is a very powerful tool but because our education, thoughts and habits, can turn against us. If we are aware of its behaviour and re-educate it, our quality of life and happiness will improve in an incredible way.
This book is for you if:
You want happiness to be your natural state of being.You want to develop as a person.You would like to be more positive and in a better mood.You need to eliminate your stress, anxiety or worries.You are looking for a way to value more everything that is good around you.You are tired of self-help books that don't work.You have decided that you want to improve but you want to go little by little.You would like to learn more facts, techniques and tricks to be happier, get less angry and worry and enjoy life to the fullest.Don't think twice about it and learn how to feel better without leaving home!
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