Stephanie White

Mindfulness for Beginners

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The true path to enlightenment and inner peace begins with mindfulness.
With all the distractions and temptations in the world nowadays, it becomes ever-so-ever important to be aware of our environment, and to do so in a significant, controlled, balanced way. Many have found and tapped into the power of mindfulness, a spiritual mindset and meditative method that allows the individual to expand his or her thoughts to the abundance of the universe. Topics in this guide include:
The definition and best applications of mindfulness in everyday life.  Tips, exercises, and practices to become more successful at this effective way of living. How to keep stress and anxiety away through thoughtful considerations. The main reasons why mindfulness has worked and continues to work for numerous people.Happiness theories and philosophies that can aid you in your spiritual journey to fulfilment. Don’t skip the vital information in this audiobook, and rise above the ashes of self-doubt, frustration, and confusion.
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