J.P. Edwin

Self Esteem Workbook: Gain Self-Esteem & Confidence, Healing Through Self Love and Affirmations for Women, Men and Teens

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Take practical steps to build a healthy self-esteem with applicable techniques and effective strategies from The Self-esteem Workbook.
The major difference between someone whose self-esteem is healthy and another whose self-esteem is poor is their varying perception of reality and themselves. Realistically reassessing the way you see yourself and reviewing your thought patterns are key steps towards developing a positive sense of self-worth.
Key concepts in this book:
Understanding Self-Esteem
The Vicious Inner Critic
Reassessing Yourself
How to Stop Being Self-Absorbed
Being Self-Aware
Being and Feeling Valued
Essential Factors for Maintaining Healthy Self-Esteem
Available in The Self-esteem Workbook are proven strategies and goal-oriented approaches that will help you understand your core worth, silence the vicious inner critic, cultivate self-appreciation and believe in yourself enough to achieve your goals. That’s right , with this book you can step out of your habitual role and start a journey. Feel the growth, and regain your true sense of self.
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