Gary Corbin

The Mountain Man's Dog

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Lehigh Carter fears two things: women and dogs. His fears are about to become very real.

Mountain Man Lehigh Carter didn't really mean to adopt the stray dog he found injured on the highway. But his ex-fiancée, Stacy McBride, convinces him to do it, with a promise to help.

Their rekindled romance angers her father, the ambitious and powerful state Senator George McBride, and sets off a chain of events that entangle Lehigh in a life-or-death conflict with Paul van Paten, the senator's hardnosed campaign treasurer and Stacy's ex-fiance.

How can a simple man like Lehigh survive the complex world of romance, corruption, politics, and dog ownership?

The Mountain Man's Dog is a briskly told crime thriller loaded with equal parts suspense, romance, and light-hearted humor, pitting honor and loyalty against ruthless ambition and runaway greed in a town too small for anyone to get away with anything.
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