Ken Del Conte

A Game for Gentlemen

A GAME FOR GENTLEMEN is an enhanced audiobook featuring the voices of Ken Del Conte (Batman, Charlie’s Angels, CHiPS), Misha Crosby (Holby City, American Horror Story and Green Rush) and Udana Power (Happy Days, Murder She Wrote).
Robert Dougherty is determined to seek retribution after Steadly’s Bank robs his grandfather of his life savings on his deathbed - regardless of how long it takes. Over the years, a combination of luck, talent and ingenuity align to make him solely capable of taking on the largest banking institution in the world. Gerrod Hopkins is Scotland Yard’s finest detective. After a series of audacious robberies are reported around the globe, he and Dougherty face off in a high-stakes game that will take its players to their very limits.
With recording completed just weeks before Ken Del Conte passed away, A Game for Gentlemen is produced in his memory.
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