Audrey Ashwood

An Orphan for the Duke

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A broken duke.
An unexpected arrival.
Can her presence heal the man who swore never to love again?

Seven years ago, the Duke of Devonshire’s heart was shattered. After his late-wife’s death, the duke immersed himself in work and duty so he could numb the pain. Despite his possession of immense wealth, a historic title, strikingly handsome looks, and not few possible prospects, he wants for nothing in this world – except to be left alone.
That solitude ends suddenly with the arrival of a desperate letter from an old friend, containing his dying wish that the duke care for his daughter. The duke, unable to ignore his dying friend’s appeal, orders the house to be prepared for the child’s arrival – much-loved toys and dolls, a room with the best views in the front of the house, and a swing in the garden. Only a few days later, Isabella arrives at the luxurious Hardwick Manor.
She is a shock to the duke – in both age and appearance. He was expecting a child, and not a stunningly beautiful woman!
What fate awaits the woman who has lost everything? What of the duke who has sworn never to love again?

An Orphan for the Duke is a sweet Regency romance. If you like charming love stories, honourable heroes, and lush period settings, then you’ll adore Audrey Ashwood’s touching tale. No cliffhanger. Can be read as single book.
Revised Edition June 2020
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