J.M. Dominique

Managing Mental Health for Gender Dysphoria

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your own gender? Have you ever thought that you are trapped in the wrong body? Have you contemplated about having sexual reassignment?
Gender dysphoria might be a technical term but this would aptly capture your dissatisfaction. You may think that you are the only one suffering from this mismatch with your body and your preferred gender. But there are actually a lot of people who are afflicted with this. There is a growing recognition of gender dysphoria and its effect on mental health. This book was designed to open up the conversation about gender dysphoria. A lot of research has been put in to help readers understand this condition better.

This book will help you:
Know symptoms and causes of gender dysphoriaDiscover ways you can stay mentally healthy even if you are gender dysphoricExplore means of resolving the dissatisfaction
It is time to end the stigma and the misunderstanding about gender dysphoria. Let this book be your companion as you discover the real you.
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