Charlie Hedo

Hotwife goes Lesbian

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Murielle gets a voucher from her husband John for their wedding anniversary. It's a Two Nights Experience in a hotel in Cadzand (the Netherlands). She goes with her best friend Anne tasting the best dishes from the Netherlands, in a Japanese bar. With a glass of sake it's not only fun, it turns into an unparalleled experience.
''Umami,'' I said when I tasted her.
''Oh yeah, Murielle, yeah. I want to come, do you want to come together? ''
''Yeaaah,'' I shouted.
''We don't need a man, Murielle, you know that.''
''Mmmmm yeah.''
''We don't need Jean Claude.''
O John. I was so hot I was sure I didn't need a man.
''I want to 96 with you?'' She said. ''Do you know about that?''
''Soixante neuf?''
''No, 96. First the nine, then the six.''
''Show me!''


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Hotwife goes Lesbian
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