A.H. Cunningham


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Alicia Powell Torres is sick of her joyless career, in a town full of painful memories. She wants to seize life again and she won't get that by staying still. It's time for a big change, and Brooklyn seems like the right place for a fresh start. Gathering her courage, she begins the arduous process of selling her family home and leaving her past behind.
But before she can pack everything up, her childhood friend and neighbor Gabo returns to town with sexy smiles, his dinner invites, his collection of steamy romance books, and his big...goals. He also brings memories best left in the past. She struggles to keep him at a distance, but he lights her up like no one else ever could. The temptation he offers is impossible to resist and if she doesn't get away soon, she’ll end up hurting him, and herself in the process.
Gabriel Miller Garcia has always been cautious, but when he returns to his home town, he bumps into the love of his life, the one that got away. Being around Alicia again has him tempted to take a chance, but a fateful day from their youth threatens his hopes for a bright future together. Losing her again isn't an option, so Gabriel will risk it all to keep Alicia from the bright lights of Brooklyn, but will his rekindling of her fire be too late, or will love light the way to a future together…
Content Warning:
Parental Death off-page
Grief and Mild Depression
Convalescent Parent (cancer) on page
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