John Carter

The Anti-Inflammatory Slow Cooker Recipes: Step by Step Guide With 130+ Proven Slow Cooking Recipes for Immune System Healing and Overall Health

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Beat Inflammation and Live a Healthy Life Using The Anti Inflammatory Diet...
Do you suffer from inflammation and are looking for a way to heal?
Do you want to avoid long-term health complications or chronic diseases?
This book will provide the solution!
Inflammation can be a serious problem if not treated effectively. If we do not take care we can end up suffering from autoimmune diseases like arthritis, swollen joints and pain. Further down the line it can lead to more complex issues like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
In this book, you will learn much about inflammation and find dozens of slow cooking recipes that will help keep you in top condition, like:
Greek eggs breakfast casserole
Kung pao chickpeas
Sweet potato chipotle chili
Moroccan chicken and squash
Quinoa energy bars
Spicy fajita soup
Spanish sardines
And a whole lot more…
With meal idea for any day of the week, as well as recipes that would be suitable for vegetarians, vegans, dinner parties and more, you can eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet and combat inflammation at the same time.
Get a copy and start taking care of your body!
Lose weight, feel great, be healthy!
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