Cara Putman

Hidden Love

He leaned close, then hesitated. A question appeared in her eyes, but she didn’t pull away, so he closed the distance. The kiss tasted sweet - everything he’d imagined and more. She sighed, and he eased back.
A dreamy expression coated her face. “If that’s what happens every time we find a cache, we should find more.”
What’s supposed to be a relaxing geocaching adventure in the spectacular Lake of the Ozarks area of Missouri turns into a race for her life for Reagan Graham. A woman who has always played it safe, doing things by the book aren’t working for her any more. Then she meets her brother’s frat brother Colton Ryan, a guy who has his life mapped out, too. Before she can decide if he might be the man for her, a shadow from her past is back...and quickly closing in. Can they figure out who the shadow is before he takes her or worse?
Get caught up in romance and suspense with this audiobook from award-winning author Cara Putman.
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