John M. Rosen

Negotiation Books: The Only Negotiating Handbook You'll Ever Need

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Are you someone who needs to brush up on your negotiating skills?
Are you tired of always being the one who is left doing most of the compromising?
This book could easily change your life!
If you are someone who has tried and failed at negotiating something, in any walk of life, then you will probably look back and think what a wasted opportunity you had. Losing out on a pay rise or having to settle for something that was less than you wanted, simply because your negotiating position was poor, is frustrating.
So this new book, Negotiation Books: The Only Negotiating Handbook You'll Ever Need, will change the way you look at negotiating and will provide you with all the tips and trick you’ll need to succeed, including:
- Basic Negotiation Tips
- Is a Negotiation Ever Truly Finished?
- Negotiation and Your Reputation
- Negotiation not Desperation
- Negotiations from Around the World
- Personal Negotiations
Whether in business or in your personal relationships, or even for casual encounters, this book will provide the answers you need to one of the most perplexing problems in the modern world.
Get a copy now and start improving your negotiating tactics today!
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