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Vegan Diet: A Complete Guide to Help You Live a Vegan Lifestyle, Learn the Basics of Going Vegan and Eating a Cruelty-Free Diet and How It Can Benefit Your Body and Mind

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You probably have heard something about the vegan lifestyle because it’s something that is gaining popularity nowadays. The number of vegans increased by 600% in the US from 2014 to 2017. But a lot of people are actually unclear about veganism and what it stands for. Most of us might have some idea but there are still a lot of questions.
Veganism is not just about eating a diet that is completely devoid of any animal products but it is living a whole lifestyle that is as animal-friendly as possible. A vegan diet is made up of only plant-based foods and it excludes anything that comes from animals including eggs, dairy products and even the honey that comes from bees. Going vegan is usually a very personal decision for the people who switch to this lifestyle and it is certainly not for everyone. In this audiobook, you will learn everything about living a vegan lifestyle and what it entails.
You will learn about:
· What is a Vegan Lifestyle and Why Does It Matter?
· What is the Difference Between Vegetarianism and Veganism?
· Staying Healthy While Living Vegan
· Protein, Protein, Protein!
· Old Habits Die Hard, Here's How
· Identifying Your Values and Sticking To Them
· Living Vegan Beyond the Food You Eat
· Meal Planning and Preparation
· Completing the Vegan Lifestyle with Exercise and Proper Hydration

A vegan lifestyle may not be for everyone but for those living the lifestyle, there is generally no other way to live. Being vegan is not just about the foods you eat but it is a complete way of life. It involves a complete shift in perspective that makes it nearly impossible to support anything that does not align with your morals.
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