Maxwell W. Northern

Making Friends: The Ultimate Guide To Win Friends and Influence People for Socially Challenged Teens and Adults

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Do you find it difficult to meet people and make new friends?
Are you shy, introverted or just don’t have the opportunities to get out and socialize?
Would you like to change this and build a wide circle of friends to have fun with?
We all need friends. Some of us need a large circle of them while others need just one or two, but we all need someone to talk to, confide in, or just go out with for a drink or to the cinema. Some people seem to be able to make friends easily, while for others it presents a challenge they cannot seem to face.
In this audiobook, Making Friends: The Ultimate Guide to Win Friends and Influence People for Socially Challenged Teens and Adults, you will uncover the basic tenets of making friends, through chapters that help you to:
- Get People To Like You
- Build Your Confidence
- Know What Kind Of people You Want To Spend Time With
- Strike Up A Conversation Wherever You Are
- Make A Good First Impression
- Be Genuine
- Be A Good Friend Following Meeting Someone
Once you have made a couple of friends you will find that making more is easy as the circle of acquaintances slowly expands. Before long you will have several groups that you can hang out and have fun with, whatever day of the week it is and whatever you fancy doing.
Dont delay. Making Friends is a audiobook that will help you expand your horizons as well as your network of connections!
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