Aristotle,Epictetus,– Plato,Socrates,– Heraclitus Of Ephesus

500 Quotes to Learn Wisdom from Classical Greek Philosophers

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While wisdom is something to be accrued through experience and knowledge, ‘500 Quotes to Learn Wisdom from Classical Greek Philosophers’ offers a shortcut.

Dipping into the minds of some of the most revered thinkers of Ancient Greece, this book is packed with insights, reflections, and observations sure to inspire and stimulate thought.

A superb gift for anyone with an inquiring mind.

Considered one of the founders of Western and Greek philosophy, Plato (243 BC – 347 BC) was born in Athens. Many of his works are still studied to this day. Born in Stagira, Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) had a different take on philosophy. The founder of the peripatetic school, his doctrines are based on asking ‘why?’, before drawing conclusions.

A former slave, Epictetus (50 AD – C 135) went on to promote philosophy as a way of life, rather than a set of beliefs. Credited as one of the fathers of Western philosophy, Socrates (470 BC – 399 BC) brought morality and ethics into the philosophical spotlight. Heraclitus (535 BC – 475 BC) was one of the pioneers of logic and drew from a variety of philosophical ideas.
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