Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich

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This book contains money-making secrets that can change your life.

Think and Grow Rich, based on the author’s famed Law of Success, represents the distilled wisdom of distinguished men of great wealth and achievement.

Andrew Carnegie’s magic formula for success was the direct inspiration for this book. Carnegie demonstrated its soundness when his coaching brought fortunes to those young men to whom he had disclosed his secret.

This book will teach you that secret — and the secrets of other great men like him. It will show you not only what to do but also how to do it. If you learn and apply the simple basic techniques revealed here, you will have mastered the secret of true and lasting success — and you may have whatever you want in life!
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Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
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b1582747656shared an impression6 months ago
👍Worth reading

This masterpiece -- Napoleon Hill's collection of the principles by which any earnest and humble student may forge the path of his choosing -- is as powerful in ability to reshape a life, as is any of the great works of religion. However, Think and Grow Rich is based in an underlying philosophy of bettering ones self through bettering ones company/confidants.

Гаджійshared an impression2 months ago
👎Give This a Miss

Тупа і беззмістовна книжка. Просто втрата часу. Прослухала 40% далі вирішила, що не витримаю.

Hamza Wakis
Hamza Wakisshared an impression6 months ago
👍Worth reading
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Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
Think and Grow Rich
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