Sarah Connor

Your Inner Life: Finding Happiness. The key to developing your true potential and being happy

The key to developing your true potential and being happy. In seeking answers to many of life’s questions, the great teachers have talked about “going inward". Divine power within can bring about transformation in our lives once we know it and trust it. Having an “Inner Life” is the key to developing our true potential. Studies on happiness suggest that 20% of what makes us happy in life is to do with our mental attitude. If we have a positive outlook on life, are flexible, open to change and have resilience to bounce back from life’s disappointments then we are happier and enjoy life more. Although we have inherited some of our mental attitude from our gene pool there is a great deal we can do to develop our mental well being and emotional health. This audio presentation covers the areas of: Faith, courage, prayer and meditation, sense of wonder, serving others, integrity, peace of mind, sound mental wellbeing, positive affirmations, mindfulness, gratitude, acceptance, and forgiveness. Developing an inner life is about being open to experiences and forces that could be influencing our destiny.
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