Neil Plakcy

In Dog's Image

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Join Steve Levitan and Lili Weinstock as they navigate the treacherous waters of wedding planning. Amidst disagreements over guest lists, menu selections, and even wedding attire, their impending nuptials face more than typical hurdles.
When a local gallery owner is murdered, Lili is asked to identify artists who graced an event she photographed two decades ago. As shadows of the past resurface, the couple's wedding concerns pale in comparison to the enigma unfolding before them. Lili digs deep into her memories, Steve scans the dark web for details about a crime that went unpunished, and Rochester sniffs out clues to help them both bring justice.
As they peel back layers of deception, they uncover a complex tapestry of secrets, rivalries, and unspoken motives. Will Lili, Steve, and Rochester unearth the buried truth and deliver justice, or will the past's long-shrouded mysteries remain forever concealed?
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