John Sanei


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In a data-laden, disrupted, dread-inducing world, how can we see clearly into the future? How can we navigate through the data, become the disruptors and replace our sense of dread for the future with a clear-thinking, positive vision of things to come?Following his first two ground-breaking books, What’s Your Moonshot? and Magnetiize, John Sanei turns his endless curiosity to the perspectives, perceptions and prejudices that prepare us for our illogical future. He breaks down the four types of seeing – HINDsight, PLAINsight, INsight and FOREsight – we humans use to guide us through the world and into the future. Then, with 20 shots of vivid, eye-opening FOREsight, he gives readers the opportunity to peer into what that future could be and ask the types of questions that will allow us to embrace it with optimism.• What can the history of the first autonomous vehicle, the elevator, teach us about autonomous cars and their effect onreal estate and city planning?• Why will the gold in our smartphones change the way we mine gold from the ground?• Why are adaptability and flexibility more important than endless qualifications?• How can you connect the invisible dots between the confusion of today and the grand potential of tomorrow?
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