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Diary of a Minecraft Noob Steve Book 3: Jeepers Creepers (An Unofficial Minecraft Diary Book)

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When you’re surrounded by creepers in a dark cave, watch out for the things that go BOOM in the night!After realizing that he has completely run out of new things to do, Precocious Noob Steve has decided to enter a mountain climbing race. On his journey to the race with his wolf “dog” in tow, he has an unpleasant exchange with a bully named Zach. To his dismay, Steve finds that Zach is one of four rock climbing race contestants, counting himself.Steve decides to take a shortcut, only to realize he is lost after running into Bailey, an intelligent young woman, Cameron, a fun loving but lovable guy, and Zach. The contestants butt heads at first, but after an interesting turn of events that land them trapped in a dark cave surrounded by creepers, they realize that they will have to work together to get out of the cave and reach the top of the mountain.Will the new team members make it to the top?

Has Zach really turned over a new leaf? What is waiting for them when they get out of the cave? Read “Jeepers Creepers to find out!”Jeepers Creepers is an exciting, page turning story that will have your child on the edge of their seat.

With vivid illustrations, this book is entertaining enough to read alone, or fun enough to read with the whole family!

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