Family as the Fundamental Unit of Society, Affording Others Grace, and Dealing With Difficulties in Marriage | ASK ME ANYTHING

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Today, Kipp Sorensen and I the importance of family as the fundamental unit of society, affording others grace, dealing with difficulties in a marriage, and so much more.
2:45 What skill set have you improved and blind spots you have addressed over the years? 8:02 How will you advise your children on higher education? 11:38 What shifts in perspective have you had since writing Sovereignty? 12:51 What are your thoughts on functional bodybuilding? 14:56 What are ways to build better relationships with the men in your life? 19:17 What books have you read in the past year that have had the most influence on you? 23:23 Do you find that your circle of friends becomes smaller the more influence you have? 27:35 What things should I have in order by my mid 20’s? 29:11 Most interesting take away from Sorinex’s WinterStrong event? 32:10 Did you finish 75 Hard? 32:42 What does your recording setup consist of for podcasting? 35:12 How do you find and create the right business for yourself? 44:28 How do you best deal with people who doubt you? 50:52 How do you and your wife navigate stressful times together? 54:59 What would you say to the men who’ve adopted the idea that women are bad? 58:50 How do you distribute income from your business? 1:00:00 Best advice for beginners who want to lift at the gym? 1:03:45 Any financial planning tips for someone who makes a modest income? 1:09:55 What are you currently struggling with and how are you facing it? 1:13:00 How do you eliminating resentment towards family? Want maximum health, wealth, relationships, and abundance in your life? Sign up for our free course, 30 Days to Battle Ready.
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