447: Austin Kleon | Steal Like an Artist,

447: Austin Kleon | Steal Like an Artist

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Stop worrying so much about where your inspiration is coming from and just create.
"People think that authors are writing exactly what they know, but I think a lot of times, authors are writing what they're trying to figure out." -Austin Kleon
The Cheat Sheet:

Are you more proud of the things you're doing today than the things you were doing a year ago? (04:52)
Is any creative work truly original? (06:40)
Most of your favorite artists are shameless thieves -- and will freely admit it. (09:37)
What's the difference between being legitimately influenced by someone and ripping them off? (12:52)
The Elevator Test is a simple ethical gut check that can help clarify whether you're invoking fair use or just being a plagiarist. (18:16)
And so much more...

Show notes at http://theartofcharm.com/podcast-episodes/austin-kleon-steal-like-an-artist-episode-447/
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447: Austin Kleon | Steal Like an Artist,
447: Austin Kleon | Steal Like an Artist
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