Game of GWOP

What do you get when the baddest chick and four cold-blooded killers enter a Newark, New Jersey, strip club strapped with Mac 11s? You get a nasty body count and the lick of a lifetime! Not only do Charisma, GQ, Shamar, and Crook steal bricks of coke and a load of gwop from the strip club, but the crew also reaps the promise of certain death once the club's owner puts his goons on their trail! The close-knit crew refuses to go out like suckers and soon hits the money-making blocks of Wilmington, Delaware, where a cycle of vicious murders, merciless thefts, and insatiable greed follow them. As they grow more ruthless, their diabolical deeds finally capture the attention of the deadliest queenpin in the drug game, placing her right in their path. With goons aiming for their heads, the crew splits up with plans to work new hustles. But once a secret is revealed, the crew's bond is nearly broken, and an enemy catches them slipping and declares swift revenge. Will the crew remain intact or fall like a line of well-set dominoes in the Game of Gwop?
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