John Williams

Johnny Angel Space Station Quark Boy Loves Boy

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This is the story how a 13 year old boy who was born the night the Empire fell and for critical hours was ;left alone on Space Station Quark. Not willing to be adopted, he finds adventure and romance with the new breed of space settlers.

Aboard an ex battle station, Space Station Quark, Johnny at 13, meets another boy at the swimming pool, a place he always goes to mix and find friends though mostly distinctly unsuccessful and for this reason easily falls for a boy of the same age named Robbie who confirms feelings Johnny never knew existed and they spend the night together. In the morning Robbie disappears and Johnny determined to find his first love, leaves SS Quark in the belief is no longer aboard and leaves with a wild privateer into a fleet of metal asteroids, pirate bases. But all is not lost, Johnny wakes up in bed with Robbie, though Johnny believes it was not a normal dream but some out of body experience that served as warning now he had found his true yearning, his life would no longer be sheltered.
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