Sharlene Sema Raston

The Secret Letters of a Psychotherapist

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Sharlene Sema Raston is the author of the book ‘’On the Road to Enlightenment’’, Licensed Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Hypnotherapist and specialized in Psychological assessments.
She is passionate about Eastern Philosophy and her main goal as a Psychotherapist is to allow each and every individual that crosses her path to have access to the life-changing tools and allow them to become their own therapists.
In order to achieve her ultimate goal, she chose to write ‘’The Secret Letters of a Psychotherapist’’, inspired by true stories of which she provides personalized insights and recommendations to a large amount of conditions, states and struggles we face in our daily lives.
This book has been written as a guide for you, with highly privileged information to allow you to face your obstacles in an enlightened manner.
Choosing growth without the dedication needed is equivalent to wanting fruits without caring for the tree or without a tree altogether. However, if you do practice the tools and dedicate time for personal growth, growth is inevitable.
Another Day or Day One, You Decide !
’’Sharlene shares a lot of great information which will help many people overcome any struggles they are facing. I highly recommend reading this truly inspirational book if you are looking for life-changing tools to help either yourself or someone you love!’’ — Laura Wilkinson
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