Evan Youngblood-Williams

Confessions of a Divine Masculine

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In Confessions of a Divine Masculine, I discuss the intimate details along my journey as a twin flame/divine masculine that I haven't shared with the public. I also go into details about the differences between soulmates, karmics, and twin flame relationship dynamics to clear the confusion most people have with those types of relationships.
I also share the self-sabotaging behaviors that were preventing me from getting closer to my divine feminine and how I healed from them; I discuss the differences between a healed and unhealed divine masculine.
If you are a divine masculine in need of guidance from another divine masculine that's healed within himself and overcame the obstacles in his life or a divine feminine that needs clarity on how to help your divine masculine, you need to pick up a copy of this book ASAP! This is vital to both their growth and yours as well.
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