Birker Leif,Harper van Stalen


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There are 2 titles in this book, which are:

Book 1: Scandinavians of the ancient world had many gods and goddesses they worshiped. Are you curious about which ones they revered so much?

Well, in this guide, that’s exactly what you will learn.

To start off, this brief guide will go over some a quick history of the Vikings. Then, you will discover more about several deities that are worth mentioning, as well as some queer beliefs and false notions that have been spread about the Norse.

Book 2: In this book, you will be taught about some of the most prestigious Egyptian gods and goddesses that were worshipped a long time ago. After some educational resources and information about them, we dive into some of the most intriguing stories the ancient Egyptian culture could muster, such as Isis and the seven scorpions, the peasant and the workman, the great queen Hatshepsut, and the princess of Bekhten. These myths will spark the imagination and leave you in wonder and awe.
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