Moses Omojola

Biblical Justice: How Practicing Social Justice Can Lead To Remarkable Success In Your Life, Business, Career and Family

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The desire of everyone in our world today is to be successful, wealthy, healthy and become fulfilled in life. Most people would want to arrive at these goals, if possible, in isolation without regard to the closest person to them, not to talk of being fair to others when they go about trying to achieve these mouth-watery goals.
However, they forgot one thing – "The Golden rule", which says: "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you". Whether you're down the ladder in life and want to get to the top or you are already on top and love to remain on top, the major determinant of sustaining your esteemed position in life hung on how you treat anyone you come across, whether victims or villain.
This book: 'Biblical Justice: How Practicing Social Justice Can Lead To Remarkable Success In Your Life, Business, Career and Family' is written to align you to God's orchestrated way that He wants you to go about your daily pursuits rightly, to enable you acquire all the good things you yearn to get in life and keep them, without being brought down to square one by the law of karma.
This book will teach you how you can get whatever you want by doing God to others, showing mercy to those who don't deserve it, letting offenders go free even when you're pained, etc., knowing that God will recompense you in miraculous ways too wonderful to be imagined.
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Moses Omojola
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