Vatican Council II

Nostra Aetate

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Nostra Aetate "In Our Time" — approved by the Fathers of Vatican II and promulgated by Pope Paul VI on 28 October 1965 — marked an irreversible turning point in relations between the Catholic Church and Judaism, in the wake of the steps taken by Pope John XXIII. The fruit of a long and careful drafting process, it also significantly changed Catholicism’s approach toward non-Christian religions, and is considered a foundational text for dialogue with other religions.

This modest book tells this momentous tale.

It is the shortest of the 16 final documents of the Council and "the first in Catholic history to focus on the relationship that Catholics have with Jews." Similarly, Nostra aetate is considered a monumental declaration in describing the Church's positive relationship with Muslims. It "reveres the work of God in all the major faith traditions." It begins by stating its purpose of reflecting on what humankind has in common in these times when people are being drawn closer together.
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