Great British Trials Box Set

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Step into the courtroom and relive three of the most notorious trials of the 20th Century, that captivated the nation.  Based on the original trial transcripts, eyewitness testimonies and contemporary reports, we invite you to join the Jury at the Old Bailey and reach your own verdict.

The Trial of Ruth Ellis: What drove this attractive mother of two young children to fire six fatal shots on Easter Sunday into the body of the man she loved? Why was she so calm and dignified when she was questioned in the dock?  And what caused the furore and outrage in the country when she was sentenced to hang?  Did class prejudice and misogyny play a role?

The Trial of Dr Crippen: Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen, a seemingly mild-mannered man charged with one of England’s most infamous murders in 1910, takes the courtroom by surprise with his unexpected plea of ‘Not Guilty,’ turning a seemingly straightforward case into a moving tale of passion and despair.

10 Rillington Place – The Trials of Evans & Christie: Dive into the sinister world of 1950’s London and the chilling story of the Rillington Place murders. Timothy Evans is wrongly hanged for the murder of his baby daughter, thanks to the sworn testimony of his fellow tenant, John Reginald Christie, who is himself arrested three years later and charged with the murder of his wife.

Three full cast dramatisations, starring Jemma Redgrave as Ruth Ellis, Andrew Sachs as Dr Crippen and Ronald Pickup as John Reginald Christie with full supporting cast.

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