Ethan Grant

Stop Procrastinating, 67 Proven Tactics To Beat Procrastination for Good.Get Things Done and Stop Your Bad Habits, Little-Known Life Hacks to Boost Your Productivity + Step-by-Step 30-Day Plan

Is procrastination stopping you from reaching your goals in life? Do deadlines provoke feelings of panic and dread? Have you ever wondered how you could increase your concentration and overcome a lack of discipline? Then you need to keep reading…

A recent study run by the Microsoft company discovered exactly how much time office workers spend procrastinating in a given day: a staggering three hours. That is almost half of an employee’s productive hours wasted on social media breaks or a quick online game. Meanwhile, Swedish researchers found that employees finished the same amount of work in a six-hour shift compared with the usual eight-hour shift. Maybe procrastination isn’t such an innocent habit after all.

Here’s a preview of what you will discover:

• The tried and tested techniques for EFFECTIVELY beating procrastination (even if you’re the laziest person in the world).

• The absolute first thing you need to do each day that will condition your mind and body for maximum productivity.

• How to dramatically increase your motivation even if you’re pressed for time — without spending a single dollar.

• Why this body part is your secret weapon to overcoming procrastination and fatigue (hint: it’s not your brain).

• The sure-fire ways to transform distracting and ubiquitous technology into a potent productivity tool.

• How to defeat self-sabotaging habits and eliminate time-wasters that are limiting your potential.

• The revolutionary secret to achieving AMAZING self-discipline and unwavering focus (without resorting to gallons of coffee or mind-altering drugs).

And much, much more…

.If you want to access the powerful tools that have been mastered by high achievers and finally unleash your potential, then you should read this book!
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