Claude Viens

The Most Powerful Weight Loss Device Ever Made: The Human Brain

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Milliions of people are struggling to find a way out of obesity without knowing they already own THE MOST POWERFUL WEIGHT LOSS DEVICE EVER MADE. This simple book written by a simple man explains how mastering our thoughts can influence our behavior, which is responsible for the way we are.

Approaching age 50, author Claude Viens was determined to give himself the gift of good health. This time it had to be something else than those awful diets and exercise plans that had failed him multiple times. He was obsessed with the idea that it didn’t have to be hard or complicated. As the Wright brothers observed birds to create their first airplane that actually got off the ground, Claude observed healthy people to reproduce their way of thinking and slowly melt down those 80 pounds he was carrying for no good reason.

From day one of this wonderful adventure, he have been jotting down his actions and results that caused the weight to go down and his health to skyrocket. By reading this book, you will benefit from 35 years of research and reflections. Think of this work as a biography more than scientific and medical facts. As he put it: "I wish somebody would have written this book 35 years ago so I could have benefitted from all of this knowledge".

A word from the author:

I can’t even begin to describe how great I feel now and I want you to feel the same way. After a life of obesity, I now have the competence and credibility (even though I joke about not being qualified in the book) to pass this life changing information onto you. Here is the deal; I want you to read this book and then get in touch with me to tell me how it’s going. I am easy to reach so please give me a shout. By taking action now, you have just made a friend and at the same time, so did I. Are you still reading this? Cool! Congratulations! Your success is just a step away!

Talk to you soon! You will find me at

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