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Six Sigma

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Six Sigma: Step-by-Step Guide to Six Sigma (Six Sigma Tools, DMAIC, Value Stream Mapping, Launching a Project and Implementing Six Sigma)Do you want to improve your business processes and reduce wastage, cut costs, improve quality, and enhance service delivery?
Do you want to use Six Sigma to increase productivity in your organization?
Do you want to cut costs and boost your bottom line?
Are you interested in meeting your customer’s needs?
Six Sigma is a product of the best practices that have been used to improve the way businesses operate. If you are interested in learning how to use Six Sigma tools to improve quality and service delivery, satisfy your customers, increase profits, and change the culture in your organization, then this book is for you!
This book will teach you how to define and implement relevant Six Sigma projects that focus on stakeholder needs and requirements. This comprehensive resource walks you through DMAIC, Value Stream Mapping, and other statistical tools that can help you solve problems within your organization.
In this book, “Six Sigma,” you will learn:
The philosophy behind Six SigmaThe tools used when implementing Six SigmaHow to identify and launch a Six Sigma initiativeWhat DMAIC is and how to apply itHow to gain upper management buy-in for your projectThe do’s and don’ts of Six Sigma implementationAnd much more!Learning Six Sigma doesn’t have to be complicated. This book covers everything that you need to know using a simple format and clear language. It caters for beginners as well as advanced readers. Just pick whatever chapter you want and start there.
This book will help you successfully implement Six Sigma as an improvement strategy in your organization.
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