Lead Yourself Before Leading Others | LEIF BABIN, Ryan Michler, Leif Babin
Ryan Michler,Leif Babin

Lead Yourself Before Leading Others | LEIF BABIN

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Most men are infatuated with leading others in some capacity. I get it, I believe the capacity and desire to lead is hardwired into our DNA. That said, too many men want to lead others without effectively leading themselves.
Today, I am joined by former Navy SEAL and New York Times Bestselling Author, Leif Babin, to talk about recognizing excuses you craft for yourself, why brutally honest assessments are crucial, how to build "Leadership Capital" with others, and how to best lead yourself before leading others.
The power of expectations When leadership is taken too far Why leaders need to be aware of dichotomies The importance of detachment Where/how emotions come into play How those we lead are a reflection of ourselves Why having the team win is the most crucial element of leadership The value of the long game How faith plays a role in leadership Overcoming instant gratification How human nature may not be serving you Removing the urge to micro-manage How to best help your team to solve problems Why Failure is the best teacher How to recognize excuses you make for yourself Why brutally honest assessments are crucial How to develop leadership capital
My guest today is a man that likely needs no introduction, Leif Babin.
Leif is a former Navy SEAL and platoon commander for Task Unit Bruiser. He is the recipient of the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and the Purple Heart.
After retiring from the Navy after 13 years, he went on to co-found Echelon Front with Jocko Willink and became a Multi-New York Times Bestselling Author with his books, Extreme Ownership and, more recently, The Dichotomy of Leadership. He now serves as the President and Cheif Operating Officer for Echelon Front as they work to serve businesses around the globe and teach them how to more effectively lead from the front.
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Lead Yourself Before Leading Others | LEIF BABIN, Ryan Michler, Leif Babin
Lead Yourself Before Leading Others | LEIF BABIN
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